Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Showed Me!

I can't remember why Brandt was mad, but here's the conversation:

Brandt:  I'm mad at you mom!

Me:  It's dinner time. Come eat.

Brandt:  I'm NOT eating!

Me:  Fine. Come watch the rest of us eat, because it's dinnertime and you will sit with us.

Brandt:  [arms crossed, sending daggers my way, stomps to the table] I'm NOT . . .

Then he saw what was on his plate. He threw me a furious look and tried again.

Brandt:  I'm ONLY eating my fish, and my broccoli, and drinking my drink. That's ALL I'm eating!

Me:  Okay, Brandt. You win. You just eat that.


Rob and Tiff said...

Lol! I love the determination of children. Sorry you had to lose that battle. :-)

Jorgensen Family Blog said...

Seriously hilarious! He tried hard to be mad, but Moms are the best... feeding us and taking care of us. You can't beat that :)

thepainterfamily said...

oh my gosh... I love it.

I have a little girl JUST like that. oh JUST like that! haha.

it's so awesome, except when it's not :)

Lydia Kang said...

ha ha. I love the fight you pretend to lose but you actually win. Awesome.

Melanie said...

and I thought I won the Meanest Mom award! You are truly the winner . . . I mean Brandt is. ; )

And I need your fish recipe!


Tahereh said...



beth said...


I don't have kids, but I do find that similar arguments work with my high school students... :)

Reb's photo world said...

He is SSOOO your child! I remember that look well!

Gail said...

You gotta love kids trying to save face!

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