Friday, March 17, 2023

Acknowledgement Page - The Recess Genius 1: Open for Business

Happy book birthday to THE RECESS GENIUS 1: OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!

I know I have been shouting about this a lot lately, but I wanted to take the time to thank all the people who helped make this book what it is. (The one bad thing about picture books is that there is no acknowledgments page.)

My beta readers and close friends Patricia Bailey and Dee Romito. They not only read my many various drafts, but they are quick to build me up and keep me from crashing on this rollercoaster ride of publishing. Love you both!

First, I give huge thanks to my critique partners: Angie Lucas, Annette Bay Pimentel, Annie Bailey, Shawna J.C. Tenney, Melissa Richardson, Robyn Buttars, and Laurel Neme. Ya’ll are the best!! So grateful we connected. You not only make my writing better, but you make this journey a joy!

My agent, Lauren Galit, who I ADORE. I am so lucky to work with someone who is not only brilliant at her job, but someone I call friend, too. I count my blessings every day!

My editor, Alison Weiss, who makes writing fun, and revising as painless as possible. She builds me up and explains, and is quick to respond to my every question. It has been a joy working with her!

The brilliant illustrator, Stacy Ebert, who brought this book to life with her beautiful art. I couldn’t be happier to be on this journey together.

The wonderful team at Pixel + Ink, including Bethany Buck, and all the wonderful marketing and publicity team that has worked to hard to help make this book a success, Sara DiSalvo, Mary Joyce Perry, Michelle Montague, Terry-Borzumato-Greenberg, Alison Tarnofsky, Kayla Phillips, and Darby Guinn. Thank you!!

I want to thank my parents, Janet and Wayne for all their unwavering support over the years and their belief in me. Love you!

My in-laws, Ray and Marilyn, who have been my biggest cheerleaders! You make me feel so loved, and I’m so grateful I get you as family!

My brothers and sisters (through marriage or not): Kim, Steve, Paul, Lana, Mike, Jeralynn, Becca, Greg, Michelle, Rob, and Tiffany. Thank you for your constant support, for always cheering me on, and for being as excited as I am about every book. I really hit the jackpot with you all!!

My children, who listen to all the early versions of my stories and give their (very)  honest opinions. Your love and support mean everything to me! I hope you all know you can do it. You can reach your dreams.

And finally my husband Rick who is the reason I have had any success in the writing world. He rides the highs and lows with me and cheers me on and up whenever I need it. He pushes me to be better and reminds me what I have accomplished and what I will accomplish in the future. He's my best friend, and I’m so glad we have eternity. Love you! 😘