Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Trip to the ER

"Stop running!"

[I swear that's my mantra these days--in more ways than one, but I digress.] That's what I yelled right before the BOOM! Then came the crying.

"London pushed me!" Brandt was on the floor wailing and pointing back toward the room. London was hiding.

I picked up the one and started scolding the other. Then I saw it.

Blood POURING down Brandt's face. I swooned. A moment of shock. I forced myself to think past the blood dripping on the carpet. And I admit it, I panicked. The word 'hyperventilate' comes to mind.

I sent an accusing look at London (I know, I know, bad parenting, but in the moment . . . well, yeah), and rushed Brandt to the bathroom. I pressed a wad of toilet paper on the faucet of blood. "Hold this and don't move!" I ordered.

I grabbed my phone book and called my good friend: "So, Brandt-split-his-head-open,-and-I-need-to-take-him-to-get-stitched.-Somewhere.-I-don't-know-where-yet,-but-could-you . . . " I think I said it all in one breath.

Can I just say, thank goodness for good friends! She helped me find the address for the hospital, and kept the other two so I could keep my sanity.

To sum up, Brandt got seven stitches . . . and I'm sure a scar to match his other one. He was a brave little boy who didn't wiggle, and didn't cry at all while the doctor worked. The doctor was in awe: "I don't think I've ever seen a child sit so still for stitches before."

Yup, this is my child who I had to carry screaming out of the store because he COULDN'T get a flu shot.

And now, I have finally joined the rank and file of true parents, having dealt with my first trip to the emergency room.

P.S. Dana, I didn't think about taking a 'Before' picture till it was too late. Rats.


sarahjayne smythe said...

Visits to the ER are rough on mom and kid. I'm glad it wasn't worse. And thanks for entering my contest and following me. I'm over here following you now, too.

thepainterfamily said...

oh janet!!

you have arrived for sure. TRUE parent status for sure. Because I have not recieved my initiation, i live in constant fear. constant.


and he didn't cry!! What a tough little guy you have, that is amazing.

Celeste said...

Well, that looks like a doozy. Big brothers, what do you do with them?? :)

MikeS said...

At least the scar appears to be mostly centered from left to right. That way his face won't look all unbalanced.

Brandt is a tough kid. What did you make him out of? Snips and snails and rocks?

Janet Johnson said...

thanks for your sympathy, everyone! (And thanks for stopping by Sarah!)

Yes Mike, I've often wondered about Brandt . . . definitely rocks at least, and I would wager a bit of mule. But he is one tough cookie.

Rob and Tiff said...

Wow! What an adventure. I'm glad all of you survived it. Brandt sure is a tough little guy.

Melanie said...

He looks great! : ) Isn't getting stitches or your head split open or both a childhood rite of passage? And if you survived that, you are officially a pro! ; D

Rebecca said...

Wow! That would be the 2nd time he's managed to do that. I remember him splitting his head at Mom and Dad's. Good thing I wasn't there. Give him a hug for me.