Thursday, April 8, 2010


Okay, I realize the license plates blog deserves a response (just in case anyone couldn't figure them all out). I know, I know, it wasn't you. But for those other people . . .

1. NANAVAN3: Nana Van (and the 3 could be a lot of things). What a devoted grandma.

2. OLD BATS: Yes, rather obvious. This person obviously had a good sense of humor.

3. SG1GRL: My husband tells me this is "Star Gate 1 Girl". This was his favorite. Initially he told me he saw a license plate that said SCIFIGRL, which would have been much more interesting in my opinion, but hey, to each their own. Star Gate was never my thing, but we happen to own the movie. Enough explanation.

4. SNOMNKY: Snow Monkey. It was on a 4-wheel drive vehicle with a ski rack.

5. ADHDx5: ADHD times 5. Poor them. It was on the back of a mini-van and the license plate was one dedicated to Autism. Not that the 2 are necessarily related, of course, but it is interesting.

6. WSHPNIN: Rick thought it was Worshiping, at first, but I corrected him: What's Happenin'? I think this is my favorite of the ones I listed.

7. SVLIVS: This took me a minute, but duh, then it hit. Save Lives. Maybe a doctor? Or an EMT? Or a fireman? So many options.

8. SPRTOY: At first I thought it was Sports Toy, but I now think it's Spare Toy. But I could be wrong. It was on the back of a sporty little car. I can only imagine what their first car was. :)

9. VCLST: Vocalist. Let me guess . . . you sing?

10. GUDTGO: Good to Go. I like that. Simple. Upbeat. Makes me smile.

10.2 GWPROF: So we are in the DC area. George Washington Professor. He must be pretty proud of his job.

Bonus: STRNMY: Astronomy. My dad loves that stuff. I don't even know how many telescopes he owns. It is pretty cool having your own personal tour guide to the universe.

I saw a few more that I enjoyed. Many I couldn't figure out. A lot of people use their names or a nickname. It gives just a glimpse into their lives: TXN4LYF (guess where they're from); OCN SEA (think they like large bodies of water?); UCANBME (a healthy dose of self-confidence there); LVHATS (they had a bunch of hats sitting in the back window); LV CHOC (this is my friend, but I think it's great); 85ROLLS (And yes, it was on a Rolls Royce). Innocent little tid-bits about strangers. I still haven't come up with one for me. If I think of it, I'll share.


thepainterfamily said...


the ADHD one is a scary thought! haha.

Leanne said...

I couldn't figure out no. 6. I thought the SPRTOY was Super Toy instead of Spare toy. I still don't know what my license would have said. Probaby BEGOOD

Janet Johnson said...

It could be super toy! Who knows? Not being in the in. :)

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