Monday, November 15, 2010

What Do You Do Well?

I was just thinking about how sometimes we don't let ourselves admit when we do something very well. The world tells us we're supposed to be humble about our talents or we'll be hated like all those other conceited jerks out there.

So today I'm giving you a free pass: I want to hear what you think you do really well, and I promise not hate you and think you're a conceited jerk. It can be anything! Maybe you are an exceptional teeth-brusher . . . you've never had a cavity (I wish!). Or maybe you have a talent for spinning a basketball on your finger. I don't know, but I'd love to hear!

Okay, so me? I have a talent for making gravy. No lumps, perfect consistency, always yummy. :)


Candyland said...

I'm pretty good at sleeping.

Tracy said...

LOL @ Candyland

I'm really good at being a baseball fan. Seriously, I'm like Rain Man when it comes to the Orioles & the American League East. I might space out on a lot of other things in my life, but I know my baseball!

Victoria Dixon said...

Oy. I'm pretty darn good at following distractions! Oooh, look. A butterfly! Seriously, I had a dream this morning about programming an online survey to help writers find good agent fixes. I could put it on my new website (not even begun yet) and it would bring in lots of people... Geesh.

Joanne said...

Well, getting back to the cooking, I'd say I'm good at making chicken and peppers. And after the past month of wallpaper stripping and spackling and prepping, well, I'm expert at that now (and am glad it's done!)

Angela said...

Procrastination. No one can excel at procrastinating like me . . . and yet I still occasionally get things done.

Raquel Byrnes said...

I am a very good cook. I love to make meals with everyone at the kitchen table snacking or helping or just chatting with me. Love it.
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Talli Roland said...

Hmmm.... I'm good at wine consumption! And procrastinating! :)

Seriously, I'm pretty good at sporty type stuff, as long as it doesn't involve throwing implements.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Making cookies! I make the best chocolate chip cookie. Ever.

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Ooh, I still need to try one of Karen's cookies! And I know you're probably booked, Janet, but do you want to come over for Thanksgiving to do my gravy? :) Where do you live again? ha ha.

(Um, something I'm good at? I can sing.)


Elana Johnson said...

I've never met a potato I didn't make into deliciousness. And I can fold laundry FAST.

Lindsay said...

Perfect gravy is an awesome thing to be talented in. Lumpy gravy is, well *shudders. lol. :)

My talent? Erm, I can draw and play guitar. Oh, I also fall down and drop stuff, but I don't think I can class being a klutz as a talent. lol.

Christopher said...

this is pretty boring but to be honest i think i'm best at being practical, i see how things are going and look for ways to make them better. I have a bit of an odd way at looking at the world so it helps me see things in a different way than most.

Shannon said...

Perfect gravy *is* something to be proud of. It's the one thing I dread at Thanksgiving.

Mine? I'm a good cook and a great friend.

Melissa said...

I want some gravy!!

I don't know what I do well... I can't think right now. My brain is friend from University papers... let me get back to you.

Vicki Rocho said...

Good question and hard to answer! I think outside the box well...or at least I think I do. LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm good at falling asleep while watching a movie, lol.

Cheryl Kohan said...

I'm coming into this discussion a little late but I'm good at home decor and home staging.

I've always loved Kitty Bartholomew's mantra, "it's not what you don't have; it's what you do with what you DO have."

And I can sew almost anything without a pattern.

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