Monday, November 8, 2010

Thank you!

I wanted to thank everyone who weighed in on Friday's post. So many good comments (and reminders)! Here is what I got out of it:
  1. Some of those balls are rubber and will be okay if I drop them. Still, some of those ARE glass, and I need to be extra careful with them . . . family and husband being good examples.
  2. Schedule my time. In the past I have done this, but lately (the last few years or so!) I've let it slip. I think it's time to go back to the dark side of my OCD. Just a little. ;)
  3. I'm not alone. So maybe, just maybe, I'm not the mess I fear I am. I'm just human.
  4. Breathe and wear a helmet. I'll get through.
So I'm leaving you with my happy thought . . . the mental place I go when I'm feeling stressed.

Where's your happy thought?


Caroline Tung Richmond said...

Oh, lovely picture!

My happy place is the Lake District in northern England. Little stone cottages, beautiful lakes, and vibrant hills so green they make your eyes hurt. Hopefully one day I can visit it again!

Angela said...

What a nice, peaceful picture.

Joanne said...

Oh I second your Happy Thought. There is just no place like the sea, sitting alongside it and being a part of its immensity. It puts life in a good perspective.

Christina Lee said...

OOOHH I like #1 a lot!!

Lisa_Gibson said...

Great points, all of them. I love the picture. We all need that happy place to retreat to. :)
Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

Lindsay said...

Great picture (and post). I like number 4. Now where did I put my helmet... :)

Christopher said...

my happy thought? i get to leave work in a half hour, woo hoo

not that i'm working very hard or anything

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

If I can just clean up my kitchen a little bit, I feel a lot saner. Even if the rest of the house is a disaster area of toys and books and laundry that needs to be put away (or washed) ... getting those dishes washed and the counter wiped off is my happy thought. (But I think that might be weird of me.)

I like that idea of rubber and glass balls. Wise words. I'm going to remember that one, too.


Shannon said...

That's a great happy thought! Here's some mush: mine is anywhere Michael is. ;)

Amie Kaufman said...

Very wise words indeed! My happy place seems to cycle by season. Sometimes it's a gorgeous area outside of Galway called the Burren, bare and windswept and gorgeous in the winter sun. Sometimes it's a hammock in Fiji. Sometimes it's the bush here in Australia where I live, sun on my face and birds singing. (You guessed it--I'm never short of a daydream!)

Becca said...

Hi Janet,

I just came across your blog. It was a nice surprise to find it. I've been reading your past posts and I love what you're doing. I'm a firm believer in everyone (female and male!) allowing themselves to have dreams and work toward them. What are we if we don't have dreams? mental escape is to imagine myself hiking with my husband or my family. Any mountain, anywhere. That's what I think about.


That's really great when the blogosphere responds and you get such good comments. I'm surprised at times by how much you can get out of a post. I agree especially with Number 2; time can be so tricky, almost like water slipping out of our hands.

Julie Dao said...

I love that picture! Wish it were me building sandcastles by the sea :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful picture!

Haddock said...

That is a lovely photograph.
Kids taking in the day as it is.

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