Sunday, March 14, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Contest

St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite pointless holidays. I love the stories of leprechauns. I love the iconic movies (like Darby O'gill and the Little People). I love the green. And I love pinching people. Okay, not really on the last one, but still. Just thinking about it makes me want to break into song . . .

When Irish eyes are smilin' . . .

But I digress.

It's a holiday that can be as much or as little as you choose to make it. I tend to be a minimalist, so the "little" part really appeals to me.

So knowing I made a goal to have a silly, pointless contest on my blog this year, I thought why not. This contest will run from the moment this is posted until midnight EST on Saturday, 20 March 2010.

I really wanted to make the prize super Irish, but all I could come up with was beer and potatoes. Somehow that didn't sound very exciting. So instead, since Olive Garden's signature color is green, up for grabs is a $25 gift card for there.

Here are the rules:
  1. Make up a funny and CLEAN limerick and post it in the comments. (Oh, heck, I don't even care if you didn't make it up, so long as it's clean and funny.)
  2. Did I mention it has to be clean?
  3. I, as supreme chancellor and all-mighty contest thrower, get to pick my favorite to win.
  4. I'll post the winner next Sunday.

Limerick /lim-rik/: a five-lined poem with aabba rhyme scheme. I could go on about the meter and syllable counts, but instead, I'll give an example:

There once was a girl from DC,

Who lived far from all her fam'ly

She blogged every day

So in touch she could stay

Then forgot to go out and sight see.

Okay, I'm no poet. I fully admit this. But you get the idea.

Please note, this contest is completely subjective. Anyone can enter (even relatives, gasp!). Odds of winning are about 1 in 4 since that's about how many people comment on my blog. Consider all that legal mumbo jumbo said. You know: Taxes yada, yada, yada. Liability blah, blah, blah. You get the point.

Good luck, and I can't wait to read your entries!

UPDATE: You may enter as many limericks as you want.


Victoria Dixon said...

There once was a wuxia author
who couldn't write, oh bother!
Why won't my butt stick
In the chair that I pick.
My sole rhyme option is otter.

Oi. I really do have writer's block.

Celeste said...

Can I enter more than once?? I found a poem I wrote in 9th grade. It's a real winner. Here goes:

There once was a girl who had shoes.
They never gave her the blues.
For, you see
They were clear as can be;
They were as good lookin' as Tom Cruise.

Janet Johnson said...

Well sure, why not? Enter as many times as you want. :) I'll add a postscript to the blog.

Celeste said...

Okay. Take two.

Swimsuit season is near,
What's up with the size of my rear?
The cupcakes and pies
Went straight to my thighs,
And those rocky road brownies, oh dear!

Leanne said...

Ten kids you'd think its not so bad,
get puzzles, some snacks, they won't be sad,
but wait, I forgot,
order it is not,
my eardrums broke for the sound of their glad!

Victoria Dixon said...

Oh, man. I can't compete with cakes and Tom Cruise! Thanks, Janet. This was fun to read.

Melanie said...

Ode To St Patty's Cuisine

A green dinner sounds so creative
until you think, "what is it made of?"
your kids will all scream
because everything's green!
But cabbage and corned beef's so native!

Melanie said...

Mommy's Lament

This week my goal was to make
a room where I'd love to create
pretty things for my home
wrap presents, be alone,
but alas! for the the funds I must wait!

Melanie said...

It's almost silly how much fun I'm having with this . . . but here's my last attempt, I promise! : )

Vacations are Fun

We just got home from Southern Utah
where we went to watch lots of baseball.
We won only one,
but had lots of fun,
now loads of laundry I must face, AH!

Melanie said...

Oh Janet, my dear college friend,
I'm glad this contest has no end!
At least not before
I get in one more,
My loffs with this one I will send!

: D

Unknown said...

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