Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Beautiful Sunset with a Kick

Yesterday was call (i.e. Rick worked all night). While London was at school, we had a full day. A playdate, gymnastics, and even a run to the toystore because Razors were on sale. (Brandt is now the proud new owner of his own scooter!)

What a great mom, huh? It's not birthday or Christmas or any other holiday, but just because I know Brandt will enjoy it. So in gratitude, he should be happy boy with no complaints all day. Right? Yes, right.

After another playdate (when London got home), it was time to get down to work. London has piano practice and reading before dinner. Lucky Brandt gets to play.

London sits at the piano, but does Brandt not get the "lucky" part?

Me: Brandt, you need to let London practice.

Brandt: No! I'm going to play!

Me: Brandt, please get off the piano bench so your brother can pratice.

Brandt: No! Tinga! Pinga! Pinga! Bing! Bang! Bop! [that's meant to represent his playing . . . hey! you try and make piano sounds with words, then come back and appreciate my genius.] ;)

London: I don't need any help, Brandt!

Me: Brandt, please play somewhere else.

I physically remove Brandt from the piano bench and set him on the couch.

Brandt: That's no fair! You made me mad, mom!!! And I won't play anywhere else!@!!! [if only you could hear the intensity in his voice. There's just no way to translate that into words]

And he promptly ran across the room and booted me in the leg.

Yeah. Seriously.

I picked him up, marched him to his room and deposited him in his bed. Then I plopped in front of the computer and stared at the screen. My ire was pulsing WAY too fast to try talking to anyone else.

I mean, 1) Where did he learn that!? Because I certainly have never kicked him.

2) How could he kick me? Me?! His own mother who suffered 9, count them, 9 months of a miserable pregnancy, 4 hours of labor, innumberable sleepless nights, not to mention the extra weight I still bear around my center.

And 3) I bought him a stinkin' scooter today!!! Isn't that like having a get-out-of-temper-tantrums free card? Well it should be.

So there I am, glowering at the computer screen, when London says, "Mom! Look at that beautiful sunset! Come watch it with me!"

Well how can you refuse that? You can't. So we stood and watched the sun setting.

London: I just love watching the sky turn yellow and orange. And look at the line of cloud, mom. Isn't that just SO cool?

Me: Very cool, London.

London [snuggling in close]: It doesn't get any more better than watching the sun set with your mama, does it?

Me: No, kiddo. It doesn't.

How do kids know how to say just the right thing sometimes? What a little cutie. And suddenly the event that left me fuming was connected to this other amazingly sweet moment. The kind you treasure as a mom. The kind that makes all those other not-so-nice moments worth it. The kind you never forget.

London: Can we do this again some time, mama?

I hope so, kiddo. I certainly hope so.


Celeste said...

This afternoon scenario sounds so familiar!!! Megan only wants to play the piano if Alec is supposed to be practicing. She hasn't kicked me yet, but I could see that as a serious possibility. -And I teach Alec, too. It has been very good for both of us! (most of the time...)

Janet Johnson said...

I'm glad I'm not alone, Celeste! :)

Elana Johnson said...

Oh, cute. And yes, why do kids always flare up right after you've done something awesome for them? Mine do it too. :)

Leanne said...

Makes me tear up just reading it. Maestro Janet with words. :)

Janet Johnson said...

Awww, Leanne, you're so nice. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Unknown said...

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