Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Bun in the Oven . . . Literally

So I open the oven a couple of weeks ago and a bunch of smoke pours out. Fire alarm goes off. Something smells burned, but it wasn't the dish I was cooking.

"That's odd," I tell Rick. "Something must have spilled in the oven. Guess we'd better clean it."

But of course, I forgot.

Next time I'm baking, same thing. Burned smell. A little less smoke. Fire alarm. "Hmmf, we'd better clean it."

So fast forward to today. I'm about to bake some rolls for dinner and amazingly, I remember about the burn smell before turning on the oven.

I pull out the wire racks, and guess what I find pushed way to the back?

Yeah, it would be the black one. I just set the other one there so you could see what it was before it was sacrificed.

Point of the story? Finish your French baguettes in one sitting . . . because they are yum! (Assuming, you know, you don't burn it.)