Monday, January 24, 2011

Google Hits

A favorite amusement of mine is looking at the Google Searches that led to my blog. Surely I'm not the only one who does this. Right? Anyway, some of the hits make total sense.

For example, I get a surprising number of hits for "patience vs. waiting" (surprising that so many people look that up). With a blog post titled "Waiting vs. Patience" I come up as the first hit. That makes sense. Every now and then I get a hit for "double-jointed thumbs." Okay, I've touted mine enough that I can see the connection. And "what are the two squiggly lines on my license plate." Yup, with my license plate fetish, no questions there. And just so you know, I have no idea about the squiggly lines. Sorry to the next guy (or girl) who ends up here.

But how in the heck did my blog come up after this query: "where do you look at Christmas lights in Sumner"? . . . Oh wait. "SumNer" instead of "SumMer." Still, I can't repeat the results. They must have been on page 20 of the results or something.

And another: "things said that make you laugh." While I'm flattered that would lead someone to my blog (he he), I can't duplicate that either.

Another hit came from a search for "hilary mckay." Yeah, I'm baffled, too.

How about "too many compliments sound fake." So what is that saying? That I sound fake? I can't believe Google would have the audacity to connect me to that! ;) Oh yeah, this may just mean a future post on this very subject. Maybe.

Do you do this? And if so, what are the craziest search words that led to your blog?


Stina said...

I had something to do with porno at one point. Still no idea how that one came up. And I'm sure the individuals who ended up on my blog were disappointed with the outcome. ;)

Angela said...

You should totally do a post on too many compliments sound fake. Then I can send you my picture and you can put my image right next to the heading. (Kidding about the picture.)

No, the funniest one for my blog was "duct tape man." Like who types in the word "duct tape man?"

Have a great Monday!

Joanne said...

I just gave a look at mine, and here are a couple:

Coffee designer aprons
2011 is the year of the roaring lion
Lucky charm jewelry

You sometimes wonder just what they're looking for, specifically!

Anonymous said...

I've never done that type of search. I'll have to! I once had an anonymous commenter thanking for information for his college paper. Huh?? I wonder if I've been cited somewhere! :)

Anonymous said...

The only searches I've done is by putting my name or my blog name in the search bar. Is that what you are doing to come up with these other results?

Golden Eagle said...

I had "the Copenhagen Interpretation" at one point--which makes some sense, since I actually did write a whole post on it. :P

Melissa said...

Ummmm... I've NEVER done this. But now I want to

WritingNut said...

I've been reading about this quite a bit lately, but I haven't set it up... I'm going to though, because now I'm very curious! :)

Jemi Fraser said...

I know you can do this - but I haven't figured out how. I'd probably have to check my stats in order to figure it out and I haven't done that yet. One of these days....

LOVE the way people find you - so funny!

Beth said...

I do this too. Most of the time the searches make sense. For example, someone actually googled the phrase "hippo meat tenderizer" -- and found my blog post about a hippo-shaped meat tenderizer.

Lenny Lee said...

hi miss janet! i dont have no idea how to do that search stuff and i could wanna try it. looks like theres more that dont know too. maybe you could do a post on how to do it cause it sounds pretty fun and you got some funny stuff that got people to your blog.
...hugs from lenny

Chris Phillips said...

I just checked and it's under stats.

my best on was "picture of rick moranis with long hair"

Melissa Sarno said...

These are so fun! My favorite one is "harry potter naked" Hmmm...

Angela Ackerman said...

Oh boy. I followed a link today from a website that linked to the bookshelf muse. And....BRAIN BLEACH! It was a website on how to write PORN. Not

*scrubs brain*

*scrubs again*

And the website's name was so...normal. I had no idea what I was clicking my way into.

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

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