Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolutions and a Little Silliness

I did a quick search to see if I could find my resolutions from last year. Nope, not recorded in the journal. So I guess that means I kept them all. BUT, here are some pretend ones so we can all feel good about that assessment:
  1. Start a blog. Check.
  2. Start the next draft of Prince Bob. Check.
  3. Have a baby. Check.
  4. Get back to pre-baby weight. Check.
  5. Be more patient. Che . . . well, this is kind of an "always" resolution, so we'll go ahead and say Check.
Of course, I COULD go on (wink, wink, nod, nod), but you get the point. I definitely accomplished things this past year. And may I just say, that resolutions are SO much easier when you write them down after the fact.

But not to let sleeping dogs lie, or whatever idiomatic expression would fit better there, I am going to actually record some resolutions for this coming year. And a year from now, I can reassess and see if I don't prefer last year's method of writing them down after I accomplished them.

Okay, here we go:
  1. Lose weight. Cliche I know, but alas, there we are. And yes, I know what you're thinking: that's a vague goal, but I have a plan. No, really. I just don't want to reveal all my secrets. Bwa, ha ha. (maybe I should add a resolution to work on my evil laugh.)
  2. Read with London every day. I can hear your gasp. "But all good mothers do that anyway without having to set a goal! And what about your other children?" Yes, yes, we do that, but I mean the "he-reads-to-me" kind of reading. He has my temperment (i.e. throw-a-fit-when-you-can't-do-it-perfect-the-first-time-behavior), but he'll get there. Dad, your curse is in full force. Oh, and sorry.
  3. Finish draft 2 and 3 of my book. How long did the first draft take you, you ask? Details, details. Never you concern yourself with that.
  4. Start a blog. Oh . . . wait! That one's already taken. But on the bright side, I'll just check it off now. Check.
  5. Visit at least 1 cool thing in the area per month. Totally attainable. The trick will be making it something different every month. But note, that's not actually part of the goal. :) Every good resolution list has to have at least one loophole. Right?

I think 5 is good for now. Though I have others, I'm choosing not to list them here . . . that whole mystique thing. :)

So are there any uber-unique resolutions out there? I'd love to hear them.

And in fact, maybe I will add a sixth, uber-unique one, just for kicks and giggles. Let's see, it would have to be something I wouldn't normally do . . . something legal, of course . . . something that might challenge me . . . and that may be just a little silly. I could sew something wearable that's NOT a costume. But that's not very silly. I could read a non-fiction book. Definitely something I wouldn't normally do, but there again, not very silly. Ah, wait, I have it:

6. I resolve to hold a contest with an actual prize on my blog. Pointless, you say? Maybe. But I wouldn't normally do it. It's legal (except in states where prohibited, of course). It will be a challenge, because I still have to come up with what the contest will be. And last but not least, it's a little silly. And funny, I'm actually excited by the prospect! Random contest, here we come!


Melanie said...

oh how I loff you!!! You are my hero, Janet, and always will be! ; ) I love the resolutions, checked and unchecked (and back to pre-baby weight? good for you, girl!), the mystique, and the loopholes--perfect list, if I do say so myself! (and I thought your evil laugh was lovely . . . even laughed out loud myself!) I'm so impressed you have color changed font . . . still trying to figure out how to do the hyperlink thing myself . . . perhaps you'll have a contest for how much you can teach us about blogging??? ; )

Janet Johnson said...

Mel, you make me happy. I so wished we lived closer. We could practice our evil laughs together.

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

Great goals - thanks for commenting and stopping by :)