Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mishaps and a Leopard-print Pillow

Okay, you can ignore my crusty-looking foot. Just note the huge bulge on my ankle.

Yes, I managed to sprain it playing basketball. I haven't played in YEARS . . . like 12 of them . . . and I used to joke that I retired after 10th grade. Man, if only I hadn't fallen for the Michael Jordan syndrome and come out of retirement.

But alas, there we are. Stupid ankle. (Doh! That word again. London would be scolding me if he knew.)

Fortunately, I had wonderful people to take care of me. One of them even loaned me the leopard-print pillow (which, I might add, is very soft and perfect for propping up my foot).

So let's see, I have now sprained both ankles and most of my fingers at one time or another (we won't mention the time I slammed my own finger in the door when I was mad . . . teen years shouldn't count, right?), strained my right quadriceps, and broken my wrist, toe, and nose.

How about you? Please assure me that this is typical, and I'm not really a clutz. Look right for a poll.


Victoria Dixon said...

Hey, I once blew my knee out while climbing a hill. I fell backwards, of course, while trying to hold my knee together and protect it from further damage. My wonderful husband was fortunately behind me the entire time and kept slowing my fall and finally stopped me, telling me "I've got you!" I didn't remember why that was so important until he reminded me of the dead dear carcass we'd just passed at the bottom of the hill....

Victoria Dixon said...

Hope you're doing better, btw!

Janet Johnson said...

Much better Vicki, thanks. I'm glad you're husband was there for multiple reasons. Ugh! Can you imagine landing on a dead deer carcas? Insult to injury!

Celeste said...

I pulled my quad muscle horribly playing softball (the teachers vs. the 5th graders- I HAD to play!). I had not played softball since the 3rd grade. (Though I may be blocking some P.E. softball in 9th grade...) It was truly miserable. I hope that your ankle feels better soon!

Janet Johnson said...

I totally forgot that you were a teacher, Celeste. So the real question: Did you win? ;) That does sound painful! And yes, I'm even able to limp around today.

Shelli said...

ouch hang in there

Aisyah Putri Setiawan said...

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