Monday, January 25, 2016

The First Box Has Landed!

The first box has arrived in Kiribati!
I was so excited to get these pictures this last weekend! That is my dad holding the box, and those are the books that came in it. I hope to receive more pictures soon as these books go in the library (it was the weekend, so they had to wait for Monday to take them in), and I promise to share them when I do.
Two more boxes are now on their way, and hopefully those empty shelves will look a whole lot less empty in the very near future.

And because I like transparency (and lists and figures), here is what went down:
  • 158 books were donated [Approximately. I should have counted more exactly, but this number is pretty close]
  • $535.00 was donated.
  • 3 packages were mailed
  • Total spent on mailings: $585
Package #1:
Included 54 books
Weighed 38 pounds
Cost $166 to send
Package #2:
Included 59 books
Weighed 42 pounds
Cost $207 to send
Package #3:
Included 45 books
Weighed 43 pounds
Cost $211 to send
[Weird that the one with the least number of books was the heaviest!]
Thank you! This is you. You made this happen. You have all made a difference in many children’s lives. And your involvement will continue to make a difference for years to come. I hope you feel that joy that I’m feeling right now. I hope it carries you through your day and leaves a goofy smile on your face like it has mine.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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