Monday, February 2, 2015

The Super Bowl and Stinky Endings

So last night was the Super Bowl.

I haven't watched one in years, but I saw last night's game. Confession, I actually really love watching football. I only do it on rare occasions, but when I do, I'm all in. I even yell at the tv and everything.

Yep. I'm one of THOSE people.

And last night's was a great game. Patriots in the lead, then the Seahawks. And middle of the 4th quarter, the Patriot's pull it out and take the lead. All they have to do is hold the Seahawks. Keep them from getting a touchdown. That's all. Because a field goal wouldn't be enough.

But the Seahawks were playing well, and Russell Wilson (their quarterback) was on fire. Mr. Dead Aim himself. THEN, in addition to playing well, the Seahawks caught a long bomb that is the LUCKIEST catch I have ever seen! Ever. Like, I had to watch the re-play more than once to believe it really happened. The Patriot got a hand on the ball and both guys tumble to the ground, except the ball doesn't hit the ground!!! It hits the Seahawk and bounces up! And the guy---I  don't even know how since he just took a huge fall---has enough sense to reach out and catch the thing and jump up and start running again!

Seriously! That catch will be re-played for YEARS to come. Years!

Anyway, so there is 1:30 on the clock. All the Seahawks have to do is move the ball 3 yards to get a touchdown. First down they get a two-and-a-half yards. So second down and all that's standing between them and another Super Bowl win is a measly half yard. A HALF YARD!!

And Tom Brady (the Patriot's quarterback in case you don't know) is watching with his stoic face, and you can practically hear what he's thinking. Like, I did everything I could and it comes to this because of a lucky catch. Unbelievable.

So the ball is snapped, and Wilson launches the short pass for an easy touchdown, except WAIT! A rookie Patriot reads the play and INTERCEPTS!!! With twenty seconds left!

I mean, you can't write this stuff, people. It was amazing! Of course in the last 20 seconds, there was the penalty for illegal motion, and then another for the fight that broke out, but that's all pishtosh. The game was over with the interception. The Patriot's won!!!

So you're probably thinking, why did you tell us all that? This is a writing blog, not a sports blog. Well, of course I have a point.

The thing is, the Seahawks have this amazing running back named Marshawn Lynch. They had been moving the ball really well all night. And I'm only guessing here, but I bet they thought, Let's change things up and throw the ball because they won't be expecting that!

Well, clearly that didn't work out for them. And now I'm just guessing again, but I bet they wish they could just go back and re-write that ending. Go back to what they should have done, and run the ball the mere half-yard that they needed to win.

Stinks for them, because that's not possible . . . BUT it's totally possible for us as writers! We can go back, erase what didn't work, and rewrite a more satisfactory ending, or beginning, or middle, or whatever it is we need.

Rewriting can be hard, but it's SO AWESOME! All the possibilities are open to us. We're never trapped in anything. If a story isn't working, we can fix it.

We can fix it.

And that is my point.

So did you watch the Super Bowl? What did you think?


Andrea said...

INdeed we did watch it...depressing commercials and inspirational ones for bizarre product tie-ins and all!

MikeS said...

I only watched two plays, but it sounds like there was at least one more play I really needed to see. I think I will go rewrite my own ending right now by finding a new job. ;)

mshatch said...

I watched the game and boy, it sure came down to the very end and holy cow what an end it was! Almost a storybook ending...

Connie Arnold said...

Good point you make about rewriting, Robyn. I did watch some of the Super Bowl. Not a big football fan and didn't care who won. I did see the amazing bounce off the body and catch play and enjoyed some of the commercials.