Monday, February 18, 2013

Twitterpated, Part 3

Apparently, my knowledge of Twitter is a secret weapon of some sort, and the evil Twitter gods don't want me to share, because THIS weekend, my computer took a hit. Like, we had to go get a new computer type of hit.

But I WILL NOT BE THWARTED! (Though I may be brief in my revolt).

So first, I just want to say, I hope my learning will help new Twitter users, or anyone contemplating taking the leap into twitterpation. Old Twitter pros: just go leave a comment giving us your best Twitter advice. :)

After a year of using Twitter, I discovered that I went into it with completely wrong expectations. I expected instant insider tips. I expected SECRET knowledge. I expected to FINALLY GET GILLIGAN OFF THAT ISLAND! . . . Oh, wait. Wrong blog post . . .

What I now know is that Twitter is not so much about getting information (though you can), rather, it's about making connections to people. Through Twitter, you have access to people in a way that simply isn't possible with blogs. Instead of well-thought out posts, you get the-thought-of-the-moment. You get a 140-character insight into taste and personality. You get improv instead of a script.

The thing is, when Twitter is one-sided (i.e. you lurk instead of participate), it’s kind of lame. The BEST way to make Twitter a useful tool is to respond to people.

And the beauty of Twitter is that it won’t take you long because you CAN’T send a hefty reply. 140 characters. It’s BRILLIANT, I tell you!!

But even then, if you aren’t up to words, you can still interact quite easily: If you like what someone tweets, Favorite it! If something makes you laugh, send a quick “LOL” in reply. Find a quote that inspires you? Retweet it!

Yes, it's limited, and it’s hard to imagine much coming from such a response, but do you know how cool it is when someone Favorites your tweet?!?

Really cool.

And do you know how much my esteem goes up for someone who responds to me (in any way)?

Yeah, like a lot.

(True, I just admitted my need for outside affirmation, but no judging. We all have it to some degree.) ;)

Okay, not as brief as I planned. So for now, my advice is “Interact.” It makes everything better. In the next series of “Twitterpated” posts, I plan to talk about my mistakes and how to avoid them.

In the meantime, how do you interact on Twitter?


Susanna Leonard Hill said...

I am not good at twitter - I either forget to go at all or I get so involved I lose half a day :) But you are right. It's easy to RT or reply LOL. And It's awesome when someone RTs or favorites you. Yeah. I've got that need for outside affirmation big time :)

nutschell said...

i love how you've analyzed Twitter :) I've been on Twitter for a couple of years now, but I"m still discovering it's potential. :)

Old Kitty said...

Lovely Janet!! You must never be thwarted! Yay!!

Now I don't tweet so am quite an island in blogworld but it sounds like you are having a terrific tweeting time and that's what matters! Take care

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Yes, I love favorites and retweets!

I'm so sorry about your dead computer! How horrible!!

Dianne K. Salerni said...

I have had some really fun exchanges on Twitter. As you said, it's living in the moment.

I did not watch the presidential debates last fall. However, I did follow the hashtag for them. Following the debates via Twitter was probably a lot more fun than watching the actual event!

LTM said...

LOL! omg, and this is why we all have ADD now! :D

No, I love Twitter! I hate that I miss you on there, but you didn't mention that we can also go to other people's profiles and see their old tweets and reply, favor, or retweet!

I need to remember to do that... <3