Friday, May 20, 2011

What I'm Glad I Didn't Know

We often talk about what we wish we knew way back when. Back before we started writing.

But here are some things I'm glad I didn't know:
  • That I would rewrite that first chapter seventy or so times.
  • That after rewriting that first chapter seventy or so times, I still wouldn't like it.
  • That ~~ years later, I still wouldn't be published.
  • That rejection letters never stop hurting.
  • That I'd look back at that first book and blush at how horrible it was.
  • That when your own mother doesn't like your book, it's a bad sign.
  • That my writing habit would attempt a coup on my life. ;)
  • That my siblings wouldn't appreciate being featured in my books.
And finally, at the top of my list . . . I'm glad I didn't know writing was so hard. Because as ignorant as I was, I sure enjoyed writing that first book.

So what are you glad you didn't know when you started?


Stina said...

Perfect list, Janet!

That writing the first line will make you suicidal.

That you can spend two hours getting a paragraph right, only to delete it the next day.

You're right about not knowing how hard it is when we first start writing. But I'm glad I haven't given up. That I'm challenged myself to do better. :D

Joanne said...

I'd agree with you that I'm glad I didn't know how hard writing could be. But that we stick with it, no matter what, is evidence of our passion for the whole process. Rejections and rewrites and revisions all :)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love that last one! My sister has pieces she vows cannot be published until people die. :) I'd been warned about many these BEFORE I started writing. I'm glad I was also told about the rewards, and I try to keep the mantra that even if it is never published, write it anyway. Just write.

storyqueen said...

I have to chime in about the writing coup! What I'm glad I didn't know is that balance would never again be a facet of my life.

Jessica Bell said...


Unknown said...

This is great. I'm glad I didn't know how many years it would take me to get published. I remember wanting to be published before I turned 25. I guess I thought after 25, I would be old. Lol.

Angela said...

I'm glad I didn't know that I'd have to ask other people to read my stuff, because I HATE asking favors, even if I'm willing to return them.

MikeS said...

You can feature me in your books all you want. But if you get my motives all wrong, I'm gonna let you know.

R. Garrett Wilson said...

I'm glad I didn't know how hard some of my supporters would take it when I decided my first novel was a learning experience that wouldn't get published.

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Great list, Janet! :) I especially laughed at the line about your siblings.

At the start of my writing journey I was one of those clueless ones who posts on the boards: "Must you finish your fiction novel before you begin submitting to editors?" *blush blush blush*


Saumya said...

This list is SO perfect and smack on for all of us. I agree with each and every single one of us (found the first book a few days ago and it was terrible). I'm also glad I didn't know how difficult writing is. And hurray for rewriting that first chapter a million times. Glad I'm not the only one.

Jemi Fraser said...

Really good list! totally agree with it. I had no idea about so many parts of this journey :)

Beth said...

I'm glad that I didn't know no matter how much better I get, I can still improve so much. Now it's just a challenge, but then it would have seemed so daunting.

Chris Phillips said...

That there aren't lit groupies :(

Dawn Simon said...

Nice list! The ones about your mother and your siblings cracked me up.

I'm glad I didn't know how long it would take. In fact, I'm still glad I don't know. An optimist, I always think, This is my year! :)

LTM said...

LOL!!! if your mother doesn't like your book... *snort* Good one.

I don't know. I guess I"m glad I didn't know it would take so long because I might not've attempted it. Or that it would be so isolating. But now I love it.

Good stuff~