Monday, December 6, 2010

Results! White Meat vs. Dark Meat

Now that Thanksgiving is well past, I suppose it's time to tally up the votes for the White meat vs. Dark meat competition. So here we go:

Total votes: 19

White meat: 11 votes; 58%
Dark meat: 6 votes; 32%
Both + veggies: 1 vote; 5%

Tofu: 1 vote; 5%

Now that's better---a few exceptions to add a little spice. And I admit, I wasn't sure how to figure in the votes that were contingent upon specific conditions, so I used the "eeny-meeny method." I'm sure that didn't affect the numbers at all. ;)

I have to say, I'm rather surprised that white meat won. I totally went for dark. None of this flip-flopping just because I grew up . . . wait, or did I? I can't remember. Definitely doesn't seem like it.

So now that this is becoming a semi-regular feature on my blog, maybe I should name it or something. We shall see. But I am especially excited for this next little competition. Are you ready?





Joanne said...

For a long time, we'd gone the real route, going to tree farms in rain and wind and snow and cold, finding the perfect tree. But last year, our real tree brought with it a huge nest of spiders into our home, so we bought artificial and put it up this weekend. I'm an artificial convert!

Angela said...

So sad that white meat won, but I suppose that means there'll be more dark meat for me. :D

Now, trees. Real all the way because you can't beat that real tree smell even if you do have to clean up pine needles.

Jen said...

Real trees all the way! The smell, the pine needles all over the floor, the cat drinking more water from the stand than the tree: it wouldn't be Christmas without the craziness! :)


Unknown said...

Wow I missed the last one!!! I don't mind either so it wouldn't have mattered!

Umm this one is tough. Artificial is what I will go with, only because I can save money, I know the shape, the ornaments can be set the same way year after year. However that could be my Type A personality and slightly obsessive soul.

However I love the smell of real trees, back home in my apartments you weren't allowed to have real, that's probably why I always stuck with artificial!

Anonymous said...

That's a tough one! I lean toward real altough I do have an artificial one myself.

Talli Roland said...

Oh, I'm all about the white meal. And real trees! I just love their scent.

Laraine said...

The only real tree is one that you tromp through the forest searching for, chopping it down and bringing it home freezing, but triumphant.

Lenny Lee said...

hi miss janes! thats kinda a hard question for me. i love a real tree cause it smells so real woodsy and it bring nature inside and its cool dressing up and its like a friend when you get it all decked out and lighted up real pretty. but i get thinking on how much trees get cut down for that little time and it gets me sad seeing them out on the trash pile when christmas gets done. but if i gotta do a vote im gonna say the for real tree.
...hugs from lenny

Unknown said...

The age old question. For years it was all about finding the perfect "real" tree. We even headed into the woods a few times, snow up to our knees to find "the" tree. It just isn't that important to me as leaving the real ones to grow and I have to admit I'm not into the hunt anymore. I do miss the smell though. Thank goodness for Glade.

Shannon said...

White meat and real trees, baby!

Melissa said...

Dark meat wins for me. Still.

I go for artificial trees. I am allergic to pine trees so I can't have a real one in my house!

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

REAL! They smell so good.

We had our Charlie Brown artificial tree in China, and it's so nice to have a real tree here in America.

Though sometimes I feel sorry for the tree who gave his life for ... what purpose exactly? Decoration? Poor tree.


Vicki Rocho said...

I grew up with real trees and mmmmm, they smell so good! However, I just have a problem with cutting down a perfectly viable tree (even if that is the whole reason they were planted in the first place) just to look pretty in my living room for a couple weeks. Then there's the watering, the shedding, and disposal.

We have an artificial tree now, and it alleviates my environmental guilt (though I've been told killing the tree is actually the greener option cuz it shreds to mulch).

Interesting debate. I can't wait for the results!

Christina Lee said...

Okay we are on the same wave length, girlie, b/c I have the tree question for my post tomorrow (psst-I'm real and white--haha).

R. Garrett Wilson said...

Artificial, unfortunately. The main reason is that my wife is allergic to pine, but I know that cedar is also an option. There is also the issue of cost and time; we only have to buy an artificial tree every 6-9 years which is a savings on both counts. I miss the smell of real trees and we might get some when my son is older.

Lydia Kang said...

I'm for artificial, because I'm just lazy.
As for the meat question, I'm with Angela--more dark for me!

Chris Phillips said...

Artificial! Using a real tree is murder!

Victoria Dixon said...

Artificial! 1. I'm a tree hugger. 2. I'm allergic to the real thing 3. The real ones make a mess and are more of a fire issue. Since I'm a lousy housekeeper, I go artificial all the way. And none of this buy a new one every two years, either. That's not saving anything. We use our artificial tree until it falls apart like it was the real thing. LOL

Christopher said...

woo hoo! all hail the white meat

Anonymous said...

Artificial. We had one growing up, as long as I can remember and when my husband and I got together, we just automatically got an artificial tree.

Now we have two trees. A green one and a white one, but can only put one up at a time. At first I wasn't keen on the idea of a white tree, but we've had it a couple of years now and it is so pretty when the decorations are on it and it is all lit up.

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