Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm Back!

Wow, so I feel like I've been gone an eternity or so. Blogging? What's that? Now I have to re-learn all this stuff.

But the trip was good, minus the not good stuff. And I definitely have some ranting fun stories to share. I'll save those for other blogs. Just wanted to pop back in, after my long absence, and say "HEY YA'LL! I'VE MISSED YOU!!"

So what is the funnest thing you did in August?


Jessica Bell said...

Good to see you again! Funniest thing I did in August? Accept way too many jobs and working 60 hours per week? Um .. yeah, that's probably not funny but let's pretend it is so I can laugh!!!! hahahaehehehhe ;o)

Vicki Rocho said...

August, hmmm...I think it was volunteering for the Antiques Roadshow. Twelve hours on my feet and they were about to fall off, but it was so much FUN!


Renae said...

Nothing funny in August for me! I had to return to work. Yuck!
Welcome Back!!!!

Candyland said...

Yay you're back! I saw New Medicine and New Medicine again, lol.

Christina Lee said...

*waving to you*

Lindsay said...

Yay! Glad you're back.

My August was revisions for the MS, and a query/first five webinar with Natalie Fisher (I won it in a contest from Candyland).

Jemi Fraser said...

For me, August was all about relaxing, spending time with family, reading, writing & prepping for the school year - good times :)

Kenda Turner said...

Welcome back! Funnest thing I did? Hmmm, taking a two-year old to toddler time at the library and meeting Mr. Sam the children's librarian. Turns out he's on the Newbery Medal committee. I so need to go back and talk with this guy!

Lenny Lee said...

hi miss janet!!!! wow im so happy to see you. i missed you lots. i looked at you blog everyday to see if you got back and now youre here. i played baseball and did lots of swimming. i got to go to a atlanta braves game. that was sooo cool. the bad part is i didnt do hardly and writing :( and now i gotta get going on it.
...smiles and hugs from lenny

Victoria Dixon said...

Good to see you back again! Funnest thing I did in August? You make it sound like August is done.... Oh, shoot!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back home. Not much funny happened this month. In fact, just the opposite. But I can laugh about it now. LOL. So even though it wasn;t funny, I can laugh now. Cool.

Stephen Tremp

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Welcome back Janet! You were missed...

Let's see...I got addicted to cake baking shows. I'm officially DVRing 3 shows. It's putting my husband over the edge. (LOL, in an evil voice...)

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet, welcome back! Nothing funny here.

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