Friday, June 18, 2010

Tag, You're It!

Sandy Shin tagged me for the Penmanship Meme. And I'm so glad! There's so much you can learn about a person by looking at penmanship. The rule is to do the meme on paper and scan it (or take a picture if you don't have a scanner). Here are the items:

1. Name/Blog Name.
2. Right handed, left handed or both?
3. Favorite letters to write?
4. Least favorite letters to write?
5. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
6. Write in caps:
7. Favorite song lyrics?
8. Tag 7 people.
9. Any special note or drawing?

And here is my hand-written version of it. Wow, I can't believe how self-conscious this made me of my writing! But it's so fun to see people's handwriting, so here we go:

Okay, if you can't tell who I tagged: Jessie Oliveros, Raquel Byrnes, Janet Reid (*big grin*), Medeia Sharif, Lynn, Vicki Rocho, and Laurel. Don't feel like you have to, but I'd love to see your handwriting. :) Then I can size you up, and analyze your psyche . . . bwa-ha-ha-ha!

So what does my handwriting tell you about me?


Creepy Query Girl said...

You've got cool handwriting! It would make a good microsoft font...:) My handwriting is way less cool. A munk once examined my handwriting at a highschool basketball game (long story) and derived that I'm a 'selective perfections' based on the way I write.

Stina said...

You have cute handwriting, Janet. Creepy's right, it would make a great font. Love the self-portrait. :D

Aubrie said...

There's a lot of personality in your handwriting. :)

Joanne said...

There's definitely an artistic style going on in your cursive, well suited to a writer :)

Jaydee Morgan said...

This is very cool - I love seeing everyone's handwriting. It's like a part of your personality coming through!

Bethany Elizabeth said...

Your handwriting is awesomer than mine. :) And I, also, would love to see Janet Reid's handwriting. :)

Janna Leadbetter said...

Neat! So fun and different. I'll definitely try doing this one.

You've got sweet, cute writing. :)

JE said...

Oh! Creepy's right about the font! I wonder if we can petition microsoft to add it to word??? That'd be awesome!


Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

wow this is neat. Love the handwriting sample!


I cannot wait to see the others ;o)

Visit My Kingdom Anytime

Anonymous said...

Yay, I've been tagged. Looks like a fun meme.

You write so much neater than me.

Vicki Rocho said...

I love this particular game! The voyeuristic side of me enjoys peeking at everyone's handwriting!

Have a great weekend!

Lindsay said...

I love your handwriting. It's smooth and flowing. CQG is right. It'd be a great font for typing. :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice handwriting. I see you draw a line through your Z's like my husband and son do.

Julie Musil said...

That is so cool! And your drawing is pretty darn good. Mine would be a stick figure with no hair.

Unknown said...

What a fun idea! Your handwriting should be a font-- seriously. And your fav song lyrics cracked me up. I love it!

Anonymous said...

What a neat tag. Love your wee picture hehe and your handwriting! Mine starts off neat then ends up all messy. :o)

WritingNut said...

I really like your handwriting too! It WOULd make a great font! Hahaha.. I love your song lyrics!

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Love your handwriting! I think it screams creativity. :)

I'm glad to find your blog. Very fun!


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

You have nice handwriting...mine looks like chicken scratch.

Myrna Foster said...

I'm with Niki. My handwriting starts out well, until I get into whatever I'm writing. Then it deteriorates.

Samantha Bennett said...

Haha, I love it! Especially the gangsta lyrics. Your handwriting is straight-up fancy compared to mine. :)

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Ha! That is so cute. And your handwriting is lovely. Mine is nearly illegible. I always have to apologize for it. Love your little self-portrait. Looks just like you ;) My drawings always have to be labeled (Dog. Cat. Human. Etc.).

Sierra said...

I like your handwriting! It is very neat and free flowing, probably means you might be easy going and very caring? :) Mine is very neat, it looks like a cross between cursive and manuscript. I'm very much a perfectionist.

Stephanie Thornton said...

You've got great handwriting- much better than mine! My students are always complaining they can't read what I write- it just gets worse as the year progresses.

And congrats on your 100 followers- you're way past that now!

Unknown said...

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