Saturday, November 14, 2009


Okay, the countdown is on:

1 workday left for Rick before vacation.

3 days until Brandt's birthday party. Theme: Chocolate Cake.

4 days until Rick, Brandt, and Khyah leave for Utah. Is it bad that I'm so excited?

6 days until London and I take off.

7 days until I get my hair cut. Hallelujah!

12 days until Thanksgiving.

13 days until Thanksgiving II. My pant button feels tight just thinking about it.

14 days until we come home.

15 days until our 8th Anniversary. And he still puts up with me!

17 days until Rick goes back to work. Aaaw, man!

42 days until Christmas.

47 days until Rick's birthday.

48 days until London's birthday.

49 days until 2010.

50 days until I start my New Year's resolution to lose weight.

51 days until I abandon my resolution. Okay, neither of these are true. I fully intend to start dieting tomorrow. (I tell myself that every day!) :D

132 days until my birthday. I can wait for that, though.

940 days until Rick finishes his residency. But who's counting?

1750 days until all my kids are in school. Oh, wait! Did I say that out loud?


Jorgensen Family Blog said...

Janet, you are too funny!

Rob and Tiff said...

What a great countdown. Oh and did I tell you, I think you're super mom. Your previous post blew me away. You are amazing.

Janet Johnson said...

Tiff you're so nice. Not to argue with such nice compliments, but believe me, I'm far from super mom. We already know what a great mom you'll be from how you are with the neices and nephews. I'm sure I'll be taking lessons from you before long. :)

Unknown said...

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