Sunday, October 4, 2009


Brandt begged to turn on the music, and London came running. I couldn't help recording it.

And for the record, these are their own moves. What crazy boys we have. But I love that they can let loose and bust-a-move! I hope you enjoy as much as I did. :)


Celeste said...

Now, I've seen many of YOUR moves Janet, (thanks to cheerleading days... Ha Ha! Had to slip that in!!!) and I'm not sure where these moves came from! BTW, your "Poopy Day" post made me feel much better. Some days are just like that. *sigh*

Janet Johnson said...

Man, those were the days, Celeste. Weren't we the great dancers? Great memories of cheerleading. Glad you enjoyed the "poopy day" post. :) I enjoyed your toddler bed post. We just switched to bunkbeds. Fun stuff. :x

Unknown said...

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